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Commenting Mistakes Bloggers Should Avoid

What else can you pity on other than a blog

Commenting Mistakes Bloggers Should Avoid

1.Disabling Comments

What else can you pity on other than a blog which doesn’t allow its readers to comment ? Disabling comments is the worst mistake a blogger can commit . Comments bring you honest feedbacks which helps you in building your blog and optimizing it in such a way that readers like it. Comments can boost your confidence when readers post their best part of the post . Here’s what i think

A blog without comments enable is equal to a handicapped .

2. Not Replying To The Comments

I have seen many Blogs where the Webmaster doesn’t reply to his readers .Could it be a question or a reply seeking support of the Author . Not replying to the comments of your readers make your blog look lame. It gives your readers a hint that you don’t care about their views/opinions . Enabling nested comments on your blog gives more life and gives a chance to create discussions. Try to reply to each and every comment on your blog.

3. Not Allowing Backlinks

Why would a reader take the effort to comment on your post or blog without expecting something ? Your reader expects something from your blog by commenting and that is a simple back-link.Many bloggers discard giving backlinks with the fear of linking to less popular blog or warez type blogs . The point here is try to moderate your comments , ensure the comment posters don’t link to any adult/warez/malware blogs. Just discard those comments and backlinking to sites with lesser quality doesn’t affect the SEO of your blog.

4. No Follow Commenting

Many bloggers even though they allow backlinking to others blogs via comments,add a no follow attribute to the comments section. Do follow blog commenting adds more interest in the readers mind and helps you attract more replies or more involvement in the discussions. Removing the nofollow attribute in your blog comments can be done by using a plugin in your wordpress blog.

5. Not Allowing Readers To Create Controversy

What i mean by saying controversy is not real life scandals or shit, by i mean those honest comments which readers think of your blog or those things which they feel like have been missing in your blog. They might be a little butt hurting but publish them and try to give proper explanation or try to do something which might neutralize the comment. For example one reader of this blog commented saying the theme looks lame ( unfortunately i lost the comment during hosting transfer) , that led me into this theme which i love. So try and create controversy and i bet people would love that ..

Now start commenting on my ” Nested Do follow,Backlinking enabled Blog whose admin replies to each and every comment .”

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